Friday, January 16, 2009

Morrison Historical Society Renewed

In fall 2008, several of us got together to rejuvenate the Morrison Historical Society. We now have an address, a book contract, and the beginnings of a plan for a great year in 2009. We hope you'll join us here for updates and breaking news as the year progresses.

We'll launch our membership campaign on January 31st at the Morrison Winter Dance. Details will be posted soon. Join us there!

Background: The Morrison Historical Society was originally organized in the 1980s as a branch of the Jefferson County Historical Society in Evergreen, Colorado. The Morrison Historical District Museum, founded and managed by Lorene Horton until her death in 1991, was a private museum. After 1995, the Horton Collections moved into the old Town Office and began operations under Town auspices as the Morrison Heritage Museum. The Morrison Historical Society continued an active and advisory role in that museum until it was closed in 2004. Lila Horton plans to reopen the Museum as a private museum (we hope it will be later this year), and the MHS will assist in that effort.

More information on Morrison history is available at our website:

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